We are a leader in commercial/residential lighting for many years, providing specialist lighting services to leading retail, commercial property, and public sector organisations and residential.

We all take lighting for granted but it affects every aspect of our daily lives. It creates ambience, influences mood, and even impacts productivity - so getting it right is important. Commercial lighting also accounts for up to 40% of the energy cost in some office buildings, factories, so selecting the right lamps and lighting technologies is critical to controlling your budget.


We’re always looking for new ideas and new ways to add value. A good example is our ‘Lighting in Future Environments’ (LIFE) approach, which is designed to save you money and reduce carbon emissions over the whole life of your lighting installations.

We’re also working with the world’s leading ‘Grade A’ lighting manufacturers to introduce the latest future-proof energy efficient technology, including LED lighting. Our commercial LED lighting already offers a fast, cost-effective and versatile service – but as pioneers in commercial lighting, we’re continuously striving for improvement.